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ccidents happen, but you have excellent automobile and homeowners insurance, so no need to worry, right? But do you have an umbrella policy? Umbrella policies are designed to provide added liability limits above your automobile and homeowners insurance, as well as recreational vehicles. For example, you cause an accident and injure the other driver. The hospital bills total $600,000 but you only have $250,000 in liability on your automobile policy. Without an umbrella policy, you are responsible for the remaining $350,000. \

Umbrella policies are available from $1,000,000 in coverage up to $10,000,000. If you have any of the following exposures you should consider an umbrella policy: youth drivers, pool (in ground or above ground), trampoline, any type of recreational vehicles (ATV, snowmobiles etc…), horses, a boat – just to name a few. Umbrella polices are very affordable and can give you the extra security you need.

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