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e look at each affiliation opportunity differently and approach it in a way that meets your goals and objectives. Whether it’s an outright buyout or you retain an equity position in the transaction, we can custom tailor a plan that’s right for you. In most cases, we are able to maintain the existing locations, staff and that all-important presence in the communities that you serve.

Insurance agency owners face tough issues each and every day as they try to conduct run their businesses. Some of the issues that our partner agencies have approached us with are:

  • Perpetuation

    “I hope to retire soon but I have no one to continue the business…”

  • Loss of Markets

    “I can’t meet the increasing production goals and if I lose another market I don’t know what I’ll do …”

  • Inability to Attract New Markets

    “I can’t keep up with the competition and none of the competitive companies will talk to me without a plan for how I will meet new business goals…”

  • Inability to grow

    “I have to grow to stay in business but just maintaining what I have is taking all of my time …”

  • Staffing Concerns

    “Everyone tells me, ‘just hire a new producer’”… I can’t find any and if I did, how would I provide training or competitive markets since I’m stuck behind the desk just trying to hold onto what I have?”

  • Programs

    “I need access to programs in order to grow my business and set myself apart from the competition…”

If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider affiliating with Bouvier Insurance. We have the resources to pay top dollar and the expertise to ensure a smooth transaction. All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence, and we welcome any conversation, no matter how preliminary.

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