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our home is probably your biggest investment. Could you afford to rebuild it without insurance? Homeowners insurance provides a safety net to protect you and the items you value in the event of a loss. A claim can occur in many different ways – including but not limited to fire, storm damage, theft or being sued by someone injured on your property. Let our agency provide a review of your current policy to ensure that your home is insured to value and properly protected.

We can also offer coverage for identity theft and water/sewer backup. A special endorsement or “floater” policy can be purchased to cover expensive items such as jewelry, silverware, furs etc… If you rent your home or apartment, your landlord will insure the building you live in but will provide no coverage for your personal property.

It is up to you as the renter to insure your personal items and personal liability. If you own a condominium unit, we can provide a policy tailored to the master association policy. As the owner, you are responsible for your personal property, personal liability inside the unit and possibly any improvement and betterments made to the unit since it was built. Depending on the association bylaws, you may be held responsible for the association deductible at the time of a claim. We can review the bylaws to ensure you are properly protected.

For all of our Connecticut residents with home insurance policies through Travelers, we have important information to share with you. We recommend you check out Travelers’ recent News Release addressing their new program aimed to help customers address crumbling foundations in their homes.

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