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She cares about what we need

July 21, 2016

“Working with Kim Kurdziel is the first time that I felt we were working with an insurance professional who would answer all my questions and make suggestions for ways we could save money. Kim is very good at explaining in detail everything we have questions about–she has given us options to consider with details on the impact of each.

Kim spends time with us and has toured our entire complex to understand all of our concerns. She listens more than she talks. She cares about what we need. I absolutely recommend other associations get in touch with her.”

-Joanne L.


“Mark, Thanks again for meeting with me on-site today and for your thorough knowledge. You’re on track to restoring my long-lost faith in the insurance business. Could it be real, down-to- earth, and above and beyond the call personal service isn’t quite extinct after all?? After careful comparison of the various quotes I’ve collected, yours is the winner. We’ll have

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