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I know that Bouvier can deliver both

July 21, 2016

“My name is Cary Gagnon. I own 20 Dunkin´ franchise stores with a total of 375 employees; – a business which requires quite extensive insurance coverage.

Tina Gerard at Bouvier Insurance has been my agent for many years. In 2013, I briefly switched insurance agents, however, I am happy to report that Tina was able to offer a very competitive quote through the Connecticut Restaurant Association insurance program with State Auto. I gave Tina my business as she, Bouvier Insurance and State Auto really went “the extra mile” to provide me with the quote and coverage I need for my business. Besides the fact that Bouvier Insurance is meeting my insurance needs 100%, I know that they provide excellent customer service and quick service for any of my questions. I truly appreciate all the support I have gotten from Tina and the team of professionals at Bouvier over the years. I know that Bouvier can deliver both–a personal level of care and a great product.”

-Cary Gagnon


“Thank you, Caitlin. Customer service at Bouvier Insurance is THE BEST!” -Janet

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