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Personal Life Insurance

An untimely death can have a dramatic effect on your family or business. If your death causes a financial loss, then you need life insurance. If you need help determining your life insurance needs, we are here to help. Here are a few reasons why you may need life insurance;

  • Replacement of lost income: When your family will suffer financially from your death in the form of loss of income
  • Debt repayment: Many people buy life insurance to insure that a mortgage or loan is paid off at their death
  • Education funding: Don’t let a pre-mature death affect your goal of putting your children through college
  • Estate preservation: To make sure that your estate is passed on to your heirs without estate tax “shrinkage.” Life insurance can be a necessary tool to pay off Uncle Sam
  • Final expenses
  • Charitable giving

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I cannot believe how quickly you completed my request. Our client is hoping to rush this closing and get it done tomorrow and with the masters correct we have a shot at achieving this. You are some kind of wonderful. Thank you so very much, and have a wonderful day! -Justin O.

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