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Individual Health Insurance

Let us help you understand your options. If you are self-employeed, retiring, divorced, or needing your own policy, we can direct you to the plan that offers the most value. We represent all the major insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross, ConnectiCare, Aetna, and United Health One (Golden Rule). You can explore your options by clicking our “Get Quote” link. This quoting tool allows you to compare the benefits and costs of the different insurance plans available. If you find a plan that fits your needs. you can even apply for coverage quickly and easily on-line.

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“Mark, Thanks again for meeting with me on-site today and for your thorough knowledge. You’re on track to restoring my long-lost faith in the insurance business. Could it be real, down-to- earth, and above and beyond the call personal service isn’t quite extinct after all?? After careful comparison of the various quotes I’ve collected, yours is the winner. We’ll have

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